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Welcome to our Press Centre. On this page you can find a variety of information from the latest news to press releases
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snapWONDERS Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Help us to keep snapWONDERS more secure. The security of our systems is very important to snapWONDERS. While we make every effort to keep our... (read more)

Just Released snapWONDERS OpenAPI Specification!

Pretty excited about our latest achievement at snapWONDERS to finally release the OpenAPI specification on our offerings. APIs is available for the... (read more)

brownSignWONDERS - new home for snapWONDERS Beautiful Places

The snapWONDERS Beautiful Places has found a new home! Beautiful Places currently located at: https://snapwonders.com/beautiful-places will be... (read more)

snapWONDERS now on the Invisible Internet Project

At snapWONDERS we care about your privacy and that you browse the web safely without worry of being tracked or having data collected. Therefore, we... (read more)

snapWONDERS RELEASED with an Improved File Uploader

At snapWONDERS we are pleased to announce that the snapWONDERS website has been updated with an improved File Uploader. One of our goals is to make... (read more)

YAY! Over ONE MILLION Jobs Processed!

YAY WE DID IT! snapWONDERS has processed over ONE MILLION jobs for deep analysis, conversions, or regeneration. Founder Kenneth Springer was excited... (read more)

snapWONDERS now supports Deep Analysis for Textual Content in Natural Scenes

When sharing images or videos online you now need to check for textual content as this can be a privacy concern. Read our article β€œIs Deep Analysis... (read more)

snapWONDERS now supports Deep Analysis for WebP Image Formats

During 2021 at snapWONDERS we have steadily seen an increase on the popularity of the WebP image format. There have been many requests for "deep... (read more)

snapWONDERS has processed over HALF a MILLION jobs

Over the last year it has not been a easy journey. However, I can't believe it when I consider that snapWONDERS has processed over HALF a MILLION... (read more)

snapWONDERS now supports the Onion-Location and the OMG Specification

We are pleased to announce that snapWONDERS now supports: 1) The Onion-Location header. This means if you visit the snapWONDERS clearnet website... (read more)

Browsing Safely - We care about your Privacy!

At snapWONDERS we care about your privacy and that you browse the web safely. We are now pleased to announce that you you can browse the snapWONDERS... (read more)

Privacy and Copyright Concerns with Videos Online

It is clear there is a growing trend on people becoming more concerned with their online privacy and being more conscious with what private... (read more)

snapWONDERS supports PNG files

snapWonders now supports PNG files and this feature became available during mid May 2020. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics which is a... (read more)

snapWONDERS 500th Milestone Reached!

"YAY – Together We DID it! 500th Milestone Reached " – Kenneth Springer : snapWONDERS Founder
I want to thank everyone for helping us reach our goal... (read more)

Photos plotted onto Maps

We are excited to announce a new feature on the snapWONDERS platform. If you analyse a photo that has GEO Coordinates / GPS information then they... (read more)

snapWONDERS Quote of the Day

"All journeys of life are wondrous. The differences in each journey is not the Wonder but the storytelling" – Kenneth Springer : snapWONDERS... (read more)

snapWONDERS Launched Today!

Today snapWONDERS.com has launched after many months of hard work!!!
I would like to thank the team and everyone who helped with the snapWONDERS... (read more)