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Sharing or Sending Photos and Videos Online?

Photos and videos may contain personal and private information. Is it being tracked or leaking personal information? Contains metadata or steganography? Have copyrights and digital watermarks been added? Is the digital media in the best optimised format before sharing online? Are you sharing content safely? These are some problems that we solve at snapWONDERS™.

Deep Photo Analysis

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Conduct deep photo analysis looking at the photo make-up, the image content, and metadata. Expose privacy / tracking concerns and copyright issues.

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Deep Video Analysis

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Conduct deep video analysis looking at the video make-up, the video image content, and metadata. Expose privacy / tracking concerns and copyright issues.

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Convert / Resize / Compact Photos

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Convert photos / RAW photos into different file formats. Resize and compact photos or images. Over 200 different image formats supported!

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Convert / Resize / Compact Videos

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Convert videos into different file formats. Resize and compact videos. Over 350 different video formats supported!

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Locate Faces within Digital Media

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The technology to do deep analysis to detect faces, do face or object recognition is already happening.

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Anonymise / Blot Faces

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Anonymise, blur, pixelate or blot out faces within digital media. Hide information in images that you do not want to become public.

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Check Digital Media Copyright / Digital Watermarking Issues

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Photographers spend a lot of time taking good photos. Adding copyrights and author acknowledgments helps declare ownership / origins of the photo. This may be achieved via hidden metadata within the photo and/or via digital watermarking.

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Fix / Add Copyrights to Digital Media

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Stamp all your works with copyrights within metadata and the image itself. Help prevent your work from being pirated and defend your authorship claims.

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Check Digital Media Privacy / Tracking Concerns

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Your photo / image not only contains picture information but also metadata and steganography which may expose private and personal information. Such information may be used for tracking you or forensic purposes.

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Scrub / Remove Privacy Concerns in Digital Media

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Fix all privacy concerns and leaks before sharing or sending photos and videos online.

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We have tested with photos from 3322 different Camera Models / Mobiles and still counting…

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Things you SHOULD know about Digital Media Online!

Let's face it — today it is all too easy to take photos or videos with smartphones or cameras and share or upload the content online. However, there is more to digital media than just image content as it can contain metadata, even steganography or other embedded content that can be extracted by deep analysis or forensically.

Hidden Metadata

Your digital media not only contains picture or video information but also metadata which may expose private and personal information.

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All About Steganography

Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, photo, sound or video within another file, image, photo, or video.

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Browsing Safely

At snapWONDERS™ we care about your privacy and that you browse the web safely.

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Other Resources / Articles

You can learn more about digital media through our resources / articles published online.

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