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snapWONDERS website works without JavaScript!

The snapWONDERS website works without JavaScript! You can safely disable JavaScript in the browsers for snapWONDERS on the Clearnet and Deep Web.

snapWONDERS website WORKS without JavaScript. What are the Differences?

You may notice a degraded experience and subtle differences to accommodate your “no JavaScript” request. Some notable points are:

  • Thumbnails for photos, images and videos are no longer displayed in the “upload media” control
  • All JavaScript based animations are removed
  • The menus are presented slightly differently with JavaScript pop outs removed
  • All JavaScript based AJAX updates are removed, but its functionality retained via page refreshes

In short, the team at snapWONDERS has tried hard to retain all the usual functionality.

Browsing Safely / Enabling JavaScript

Alternatively, considering most modern designed website uses JavaScript you may consider enabling or whitelisting JavaScript for snapWONDERS. Some useful references: