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About snapWONDERS

snapWONDERS™ was founded by Kenneth Springer in 2018 whilst working on another project Hueyify® and contemplating about using metadata to help solve the problem of accessibility. The amount of metadata exposed within everyday photos left Kenneth pondering about privacy concerns in the realm of photo sharing on social media and online.

Furthermore, due to personal reasons and health considerations Kenneth reconnected with hiking and nature. While exploring Australia chasing all the brown signs to see the WONDERS, he then found that there was no easy way to story tell the travels in a beautiful way.

You can see some of the beautiful photos from Australia displayed throughout snapWONDERS website on the home, contact us, about us, signup and login pages. These photos were taken by Ela using various different cameras (attribution details and profile coming soon - stay tuned).

The combination of these factors and researching further Kenneth found there is nothing on the market that offers what he had in mind. As a result — snapWONDERS was formed to fill this void.

This is because we believe that beautiful photos taken on our travels should be shared via beautiful storytelling and shared in a way that is safe, respecting privacy, accessibility and copyrights.

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