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Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, photo, sound or video within another file, image, photo, or video. This is completely different to hidden metadata because the data itself in steganography is often encoded into the data itself, encrypted so it is unreadable and virtually hidden.

Steganography can be used for many purposes such as:

  • Nefarious reasons which may include:
    • Providing the means to store personal information with the intent to be extracted at some later point when the digital media is shared;
    • Providing the means to conceal information for tracking purposes;
    • Providing the means to use the digital media as a container to harbor malicious content such code or instructions which is later utilised;
  • Digital watermarking where the watermark is in the form of the steganography and encoded into the picture information itself. This enables the secret watermark to be revealed by the original author as proof of digital media ownership. Take note that some steganography encodings is sophisticated that may survive even when the image has been cropped, resized and undergoes different image compressions.

You can check your photos or videos to see what information has been exposed and check authoring and copyrights.

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Safely check your photos / videos for any privacy, hidden metadata, steganography and/or copyright concerns for free. Reveal all the hidden data within your media! Report results are displayed instantly! We do not store or use your media content in any way. We believe that your content should remain as your property and we respect your copyrights, ownership & privacy!

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  • Steganography
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