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Privacy and Copyright Concerns with Videos Online

It is clear there is a growing trend on people becoming more concerned with their online privacy and being more conscious with what private information is leaked with sharing digital media online. We observed this growing trend with snapWONDERS and our goal to educate and expose concerns with photo sharing online.

snapWONDERS has been used with now over 1,100 different camera models and smartphones and still counting.

Now it is time for the next chapter for snapWONDERS to extend this to also include videos.

snapWONDERS is pleased to announce that we now support revealing privacy and copyright concerns with Videos (currently in Beta version). For now, we support a wide range of videos including MP4, mov and 3gp videos. We are excited and thrilled with this announcement after months of hard work.

Expose Privacy and Copyright concerns in Videos

Check your Videos for Privacy and Copyright concerns. Don't leak information. Don't be tracked! Check at: https://snapwonders.com/upload/analyse-video

Check your Videos for privacy and Copyright concerns for:

  • Check Copyrights / Authoring Information
  • Privacy Concerns Instantly Exposed
  • Expose Tracking
  • AI 'Face Detection' Tests
  • Check for Embedded Location / GPS
  • Check for Date / Time / When Details
  • Show all Hidden Thumbnails
  • Reveal Device Information
  • Detect for Maker notes / Free Space / Unreadable Metadata
  • Reveal all Hidden Metadata Sections
  • Display Assessment Results Instantly