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snapWONDERS now supports Deep Analysis for WebP Image Formats

During 2021 at snapWONDERS we have steadily seen an increase on the popularity of the WebP image format.

There have been many requests for "deep digital media analysis" on WebP format files (See Deep Image Analysis) – however we have only just recently added support for WebP photos and images. This is available over the Clearnet (i.e., the world wide web with your browsers) and the Deep Web (the onion network using Tor).

Irrespectively of the media format type the same concerns and questions remains:

Photos and videos may contain personal and private information. Is it being tracked or leaking personal information? Contains metadata or steganography? Have copyrights and digital watermarks been added? Is the digital media in the best optimised format before sharing online? Are you sharing content safely?

To learn more about WebP you can read our article at: Is the WebP Image Format gaining Popularity?