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Hide and Conceal Photos / Images – Select Digital Media to Protect — (Under αlpha Closed Testing)

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UNDER REVIEW — αlpha closed testing — Please ignore until βeta release coming soon!

Hide and conceal your photos / images behind other digital media that you wish others to see. Add password protection to your hidden content. The resulting digital media containing your hidden photos / images is virtually undetectable with no suspicious file sizes. Store your files on your drive, in the cloud or backups knowing the true content is protected that only you can reveal.

Select your photos / images to hide. We do not store photos / images and videos and content is removed when your convert session has expired.

Setting up the Uploader
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Over 3 MILLION jobs has been processed for Deep Analysis, Conversions, Scrubbing & Regeneration and still counting…

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Convert / Resize / Compact

Convert photos / RAW photos, images or Videos into different file formats. Resize and compact digital media.

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Expose Privacy / Tracking Concerns

Digital media may contain metadata and steganography which may expose private information or be used for tracking purposes.

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Scrub / Remove Privacy Concerns

Fix all privacy concerns and leaks before sharing or sending photos and videos online.

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Anonymise / Blot Faces

Anonymise, blur, pixelate or blot out faces within digital media. Hide information in images that you do not want to become public.

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Fix / Add Copyrights

Stamp all your works with copyrights within metadata and the image itself. Defend your authorship claims.

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Deep Analysis

Conduct deep digital media analysis looking at the media make-up, the content, and metadata. Expose privacy / tracking concerns and copyright issues.

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