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How to View a Photo’s EXIF Data and Hidden Metadata in Windows, macOS, Linux on Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles?

This tutorial will show you how you can view the EXIF Data and other Photo Metadata virtually on any device and operating system (on any desktop, laptop or mobile phones).

What is EXIF Data and Metadata in photos?

Each time you take a photo with your camera metadata is added with the photo. What metadata contained would depend largely upon the manufacturer and the model of the camera / mobile. Photos are generally stored and exchanged in the JPEG format and may contain EXIF data, thumbnails within the photo metadata and other hidden metadata.

Many of us are already digital savvy and are already where that that photos can store metadata and have heard of the word EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format). This is why you probably arrived at this location because you wish to view the photo metadata.

This can generally be information about your camera, and potentially where the picture was taken (GPS coordinates), thumbnails, authoring and copyright information, serial numbers, proprietary information and other content.

There are many other types of hidden metadata that is just as concerning. snapWONDERS analyses all metadata content including the JPEG headers / structures and displays all the metadata.

At times the amount of information stored may raise privacy concerns when the photo is shared. snapWONDERS not only exposes all metadata within the photos but will also assess the photo for privacy and copyright concerns.

Tutorial – How to view all Metadata in a Photo including EXIF Data?

To view all your metadata in a photo including the EXIF data simply follow these steps below. No installation of software is needed.

  1. Head towards the link: https://snapwonders.com/upload/analyse-photo-or-image

  2. Drag and drop your photo for analysis. Alternatively, you can select the blue button “Pick Images” to select your photo for analysis.

  3. Wait for the metadata extraction of the photo to be completed.

  4. You will be presented with the Photo / Image analysis which provides a summary of all the metadata and the privacy concerns, copyrights and authoring information.

  5. Simply scroll down to the section breakup of your photo and all your metadata will be listed under this section. What was interesting was that for the Sony mobile phone of the model E6653 it only contains the EXIF metadata. Unlike many of the other models which contains additional metadata.

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